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Survey and Quotations

When you get in touch with our business, you receive a free, no-obligation survey. After arranging a visit to your home at a convenient time for you, a member of our highly trained team will take the time to understand your individual needs and lifestyle. We examine your existing system, rooms, and capacity before advising you on how our system will work best to suit your needs.

Why Choose The Conservatory Heating Company?

We believe that you are able to obtain electric German radiators of the finest quality at the lowest prices in the UK today. With a wealth of experience in domestic heating solutions, there is no other place that offers you better value for money. We aim to beat any genuine like-for-like quote due to the high confidence we have in our products.

Hassle-Free Installations

Respectful of your home at all times, our dedicated installation team are clean, tidy, and efficient. Standard domestic fittings can be completed in less than a day and if required, we can also remove and dispose of your existing system. Additionally, our team also ensure that you are completely confident in operating our heating system before we leave.

Ongoing Support

Although the systems we offer are free from regular maintenance and guaranteed for 25 years, please get in touch if you need any further assistance. When you require further advice and guidance on operating your new system, we are ready to assist you.

Why are Our Radiators Different?

The Conservatory Heating Company is the only company in UK that uses a unique core containing soapstone. This has been compressed with 200 tonnes of pressure from 16cm to 2cm, which results in an incredibly dense material.

The result shows the system’s ability to store and then release heat/energy for a large amount of time, effectively reducing the amount that you currently spend on heating your property. Other companies use a 4cm or 2cm clay-chamotte.

How Do Our Radiators Work?

Our radiators draw cold air in from the base through the fluted convection chambers at the front and rear of the main body of the radiator. The air then moves over the face of the radiator and leaves as warm air from the top. This way, the heat is transferred rapidly across the room, making the whole area warm throughout.

Removing cold air from the bottom of the room very quickly, this means no cold feet! Unlikely other German storage radiators, the air does not come into contact with the heating element and produces a pleasant, warm air as a result. Others that feature an exposed heating element can produce very dry and unpleasant air.

Why Are Our Prices so Competitive?

We are able to offer you competitive prices because we do not use expensive TV and radio advertising or blanket marketing techniques that are ultimately paid for by customers.

Who Will Visit Your Home?

At The Conservatory Heating Company, we only send a capable, knowledgeable heating consultant to your home with many years of experience in the heating industry. This ensures that you receive the very best advice on how to efficiently heat your property.

What Will You Be Shown?

When you invite our company to your home, we show you a demonstration of a fully functional radiator. You will be able to see and feel just how quickly our radiators produce tremendous heat in just 6 minutes when plugged into a standard 13amp plug socket. You can also see how the radiator releases the stored heat over a 45-minute period.

Other German storage radiator companies may only show you a clay-chamotte, which is often a representation of what you may get and not the actual product itself. We understand that you want to witness the full functionality of your radiator before you make a purchase, as a quote from one of our friends states:

“When I buy a car, I want to see the car - not just the engine”

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