Free Standard Delivery On All Radiators - Shop Our BEST SELLERS Now!
Free Standard Delivery On All Radiators - Shop Our BEST SELLERS Now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to use the calculator?

We always recommend all of our customers use our calculator – this is because it calculates the correct size of the radiator you need for your room, which in the long run can save you money! It does this by asking a variety of personalised questions. For example, you can see select the type of conservatory you have, provide room measurements and even select double, single glazing and drafts. By providing us with this information, we will use our efficiency factor formula to recommend the perfect radiator for you!

Can I install myself?

Yes, we offer 2 options for installation. Firstly, you can install yourself and the installation is generally straightforward. We supply fitting and operating instructions and if need be, phone support. However, if you are any concerned about the circuit or consumer unit within a property, a NICEIC registered electrician would be the ideal person to carry out the work. On the other hand, we can install for a small installation fee - this normally takes an hour and is hassle-free!

What is the delivery time?

Our delivery time is up to 7 working-days! However, delivery and install time is longer for bespoke RAL colours and non-standard styles, like smooth.

What is the install time?

Our install time is normally 7 working days but can take longer in some cases when there are extenuating circumstances.

How are the radiators installed?

Our radiators are installed with two wall brackets and 4 hooks onto a wall. They are then either plugged into a power socket or connect (hard-wire) to a fused-spur. All of our radiators come with a 3-pin plug so you have both options! However, we do recommend hard-wiring.

What size electric radiators do I need?

The size of your electric radiator entirely depends on your room measurements and the nature of your space. Use our calculator to calculate the size (kw) of the radiator you need!

Can I buy your Electric Heating products online?

Yes – all of our Butterfly Range can be bought on our website or give us a call on to place an order over the phone.

How do I fit the radiator to the wall?

All of our customers are provided with operating and fitting instructions – this explains step by step how to install our radiators and if you need additional support, you can contact us by phone. The install of the radiators is self-explanatory and requires little to no equipment.

Who should install my radiator?

You have three options for the instalment of your radiator. Firstly, we can install for a small install fee. Secondly, you can install the radiator using our fitting instructions, or you can get a qualified electrician to do so. The choice is yours!

Which side is the thermostat on the radiator?

The thermostat side is completely up to you – and is decided when you place your order with us. Please note that the cable and thermostat side are always on the same side, so if you want your thermostat on the opposite side to your plug socket or switch, please add in the notes section that you need some extra cable length.

How long is the cable provided on the radiator?

The standard cable length that comes with all radiators is 1.5 meters – you can request however for the cable to be shorter or longer in the notes section of your order.

What colour do the radiators come in?

The standard radiator comes in RAL 9003 high gloss white. However, our radiators do come in a variety of RAL colours that are available to view when you select the radiator you want. Please note there is an additional cost for colour and may affect the lead time of the delivery of your radiator.

Are your Electric Radiators storage heaters?

Our electric radiators are classed as Modern Storage Heaters – this means that while they don’t charge up over night and release it the next day, they run on a similar principle. They have a storage element inside of them, the soapstone core, but this storage stone can be utilised whenever you want your heating on. For example, let’s say you wanted your room to get to 20 degrees, the radiator would turn on and use electricity to get to that 20 degrees and then turn off and stop using electricity– however, at this point it would then use its soapstone core to emit heat to ensure that 20 degrees temperature is maintained. It then runs on cycles of dipping below 20 degrees, and then when it does go below the selected temperature, the electricity turns back on to get it back to 20 degrees and then the soapstone core continues to emit heat to maintain it and so on.

How much will it cost to run?

We predict that our radiators can lead to a 59.4% saving in electricity bills, depending on the heating previously installed, drafts, insulation, and energy providers. We have found through a variety of tests with the University of Huddersfield that our 1kw radiator compared to an oil or convector heater, is only on for 2.4 hours out of 8 hours, whereas the other heaters are on for the full 8 hours. This can lead to massive energy savings – this is something extremely important to consider when buying heating for your conservatory.

Is electric heating efficient?

All electrical appliances are 100% efficient, 1kw in = 1kw out. However, to what extent are they efficient? This is what sets our heaters apart – our storage element allows for minimum energy usage and maximum heat output.

Why are Our Radiators Different?

Our radiators are different for a variety of reasons: 1. Soapstone Core 2. Patented Back Wall Technology 3. Aluminium 4. 10 years guarantee 5. Sleek and Modern Design 6. Made in Britain

How long is my radiator and thermostat guaranteed for?

Your radiator is guaranteed for 10 years and your thermostat is guaranteed for 2 years - check our our Terms & Conditions for more info!

Where can I safely install my new radiator(s)?

To ensure safe installation of your radiator(s), it is important to mount them on a clear wall space. Do not obstruct any live plug sockets during installation. If you must install a radiator over a plug socket, please make sure to use a blanking plate to adhere to the ‘The Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994.’