Free Standard Delivery On All Radiators - Shop Our BEST SELLERS Now!
Free Standard Delivery On All Radiators - Shop Our BEST SELLERS Now!

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About Us

Since 2017, we have absolutely enjoyed developing and manufacturing a heater made in the UK that is fantastic at warming up conservatories, orangeries, and any other new space you have created.

Our ‘Butterfly Range’ is specifically designed for these rooms. We picked the Butterfly to represent our ‘high-powered heating solution’ as:

Butterflies warm up by 'basking' in the sun. Their wings contain a network of small capillaries, and this activity heats the blood in butterflies' veins, allowing for transport of warmed blood throughout their small bodies.

  • Our heaters mimic this behaviour, as they provide that sunny feeling in your room like basking in the sun 365 days of the year, even in the frostiest of weathers!
  • Our internal core of our radiator contains a network of soapstone that retains and emits a powerful ongoing heat which reduces the time the radiator will be switched on.
  • The soapstone then transports this warmth 2.9 times faster through the metal casing into your room – keeping you cosy at all times.

Everyone in our factory works like the caterpillar and what we mean by this, is that they only have one job. Theirs is an obsession about making heaters to keep you warm…and because of this we don’t do the following;

  • Resell other people’s products and then pass huge margins onto you the customer.
  • Offer loads and loads of alternatives – as we know not everything works in a conservatory.

We want to offer our customers a premium product that has premium parts and a product that is made in the UK.

Our reasoning for this statement is, what is the real true value of that product?

The supplier abroad will put a margin on the buying price. The reason the buying price is low is because the parts are usually cheaper (the resellers love this as they can make money on it – if it’s marketed correctly). Then the reseller will have their margin cost so they can make money along with the import costs (which are very high now due to Brexit). Then, the reseller will have to add a delivery cost to you, with an added margin. So, don’t be fooled by free delivery!

The questions to ask yourself are:

1. What is the true value of your purchase?

Our conservatory heaters are manufactured in our factory in the UK, which is based in Little Old Yorkshire. We are proud to be part of the Made in Britain Club. You will know that buying from us we only have one margin as it comes straight from our factory floor. We offer one price and your heater, once built, will leave our factory and then only travel to your property – no other stops on the way and no extra price inflations. True Yorkshire style!

One of our other frustrations for you the customer, is the marketing jargon that is not always based on truth. Not every heater will do the BEST job of transferring heat into your space.

2. Why are people selling them?

We ask ourselves the same question. We also challenge why companies are boasting that they have the best conservatory heaters when they haven’t the credentials to back this up. We have those credentials – made in Britain, patented technology and happy customers!

We also understand our customers, as after spending thousands on your new space, we know you want to use this space 365 days of the year and be toasty warm.

You need to have a heater that does the magic three:

  • A heater that works… in keeping you warm without using any concessionary heating.
  • A heater that is more effective in transferring heat into your room fast -which means it will be more efficient and use less electricity.
  • A heater that complements the appearance of your conservatory – not bulky or unattractive.

Let us help you warm your space and let’s keep everything British!