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Selecting the Best Heater for Your Conservatory

The challenge of maintaining a comfortable temperature year-round in your conservatory, particularly in colder conservatories or those with high ceilings, can be daunting. That’s why choosing the right heating solution for your conservatory is important. From electric conservatory heaters to integrated central heating systems, today we’ll look at the best heating system for conservatories in 2024.

Understanding Your Heating Requirements

The first step in finding the perfect heating solution is to assess your conservatory heating requirements. Factors such as what size radiator you need, the potential for heat loss through conservatory windows, and the amount of wall space available for heaters are crucial. Whether you’re considering underfloor heating, a convection heater, or an electric panel heater, understanding the specifics of your space can guide you to the most energy-efficient means of keeping your conservatory warm.

The Advantages of Electric Conservatory Radiators

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Electric conservatory radiators are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their versatility, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. But why do homeowners gravitate towards electric radiators over alternatives like oil-filled radiators, electric panel heaters, and traditional central heating systems for their conservatory heating solution? The answer lies in the unique advantages electric radiators offer. Their sleek, modern design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly adaptable to limited or valuable wall space, making them an ideal match for any conservatory layout. Beyond aesthetics, electric radiators stand out for their cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, presenting a compelling solution for managing energy bills while ensuring effective heating.

Electric heaters, including electric radiators, represent a shift towards more sustainable and efficient home heating solutions. Unlike traditional heating methods, such as gas radiators, electric radiators and heaters offer precise temperature control, allowing homeowners to create a comfortable conservatory environment without overspending on energy bills. This level of control contributes significantly to their effectiveness as a heating solution, ensuring that conservatories remain warm and inviting whenever you need them to.

Another perk of electric radiators is their ease of installation and minimal maintenance. There’s no need for planning permission, and their DIY installation saves you the cost and hassle of professional installations. This blend of design flexibility, energy efficiency, and ease of use makes electric radiators and heaters the go-to choice for homeowners looking to combine effective heating with smart energy consumption and cost savings.

Conservatory Electric Radiators: A Permanent Heating Solution

When it comes to permanent heating solutions, conservatory electric radiators stand out for their ability to retain heat, provide ambient temperature control, and reduce heat loss. The ability to control these radiators adds an extra layer of convenience, you can set a heating schedule to match your routines, or you an simply turn them on and off when you need them, the choice is yours. This is particularly beneficial in conservatories difficult to heat, such as those with dwarf walls or large glass areas where warm air can quickly escape, simply click the boost button when you need some extra heat.

Maximising Energy Efficiency

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Energy efficiency is a key consideration in general, and especially in conservatory heating. The best conservatory heater models are those that keep your conservatory warm without high running costs. You’ll find options like infrared heaters, and panel heaters may seem energy efficient but as they require constant power, they aren’t the most cost effective solution.

Choosing the Right Size and Style

The huge range of electric conservatory heaters and radiators available today means finding the perfect fit for your space, whether it’s for small conservatories or larger extensions with specific heating requirements. From wall-mounted units that save floor space to ultra-modern designs that enhance the room’s aesthetics, the best heaters for conservatories are those that combine functionality with style.

At the Conservatory Heating Company we offer multiple models to complement any conservatory. Struggling to find something to fit on the tiny walls? You should try our horizontal Karner radiator. Or maybe you don’t have much wall space at all? A vertical Monarch radiator could be your match. And if you’re looking for a standard radiator model, to help your conservatory feel part of your home, then the Admiral is for you. And if you’re not sure on the size, wattage or how many radiators you may need, then you can use our simple online calculator:


Heating a conservatory effectively involves considering various factors, from the size of the heater and the type of heat source to the specific heating challenges presented by your conservatory’s design. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy DIY installation or a more integrated energy-efficient heating system, the right choice will ensure your conservatory is comfortable and warm year-round. Remember, the best conservatory heating solution is one that meets your specific needs while also being energy efficient, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing.