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How Do Conservatory Electric Radiators Work?

When exploring the realm of conservatory electric radiators, you might find yourself overwhelmed with choices and technical details. The main question that often arises is: How do these radiators actually function to warm up your conservatory? Today, we’re here to clear the air. We’ll explore the basic principles of how electric conservatory radiators and heaters work, especially focusing on our butterfly range, and explain how they efficiently maintain a cosy temperature in your conservatory.

The Basics of Electric Heating

At its core, an electric radiator converts electricity into heat. When you turn on the radiator, electric current flows through a heating element, typically made of a resistant material. As the current works against this resistance, it generates heat. This heat is then transferred to the air through convection or directly to objects in the room through radiation. For an in depth understanding of convection and radiant heat, read our blog here.

Designed Specifically for Conservatories

Conservatory electric radiators are tailored to suit the unique needs of these glass-walled spaces. Understanding that conservatories come in various shapes and sizes, our butterfly range electric radiators are available in both vertical and horizontal designs to fit seamlessly around features like conservatory dwarf walls and windows. This versatility ensures that no matter the layout of your space, there’s a radiator that fits perfectly, providing even warmth throughout.

Additionally, conservatories are often cherished for their views and open feeling. To complement this, our conservatory electric radiators come in a slim design (6.5cm), conserving valuable space and preserving the aesthetic integrity of your conservatory. They are unobtrusive yet powerful, blending into the background while keeping your space comfortably warm. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal and match the unique style of your conservatory, we offer a huge range of RAL colours, ensuring that your radiator complements the room’s colour scheme and contributes to the overall beauty of your space. With these design considerations, electric radiators not only meet the heating requirements of your conservatory but also enhance its beauty and functionality.

The Butterfly Effect

Our Butterfly Range, for example, utilises a soapstone core due to its excellent heat retention and emission properties. Soapstone’s dense structure stores heat and slowly releases it, providing consistent warmth. This means that your radiator does not need to be turned on consistently to emit heat. The exterior of the radiator is made from aluminium which quickly transfers this heat to your conservatory, 2.9 times faster to be precise, making the heating process efficient and effective.

Embracing Energy Efficiency

One of the major benefits of electric conservatory radiators is their energy efficiency. Unlike a central heating system that heats the entire home, these radiators give you the freedom to heat only your conservatory when needed. This means you don’t have to waste energy heating your conservatory when it’s when not in use, as it operates independently from your central heating system. By precisely heating the area you’re using and allowing for specific temperature control, they minimise waste. This efficient use of energy not only reduces your bills but also supports a more sustainable lifestyle, as it aligns with the principles of only using what you need when you need it.

Distributing Heat Effectively

Electric radiators typically use convection or radiation to heat the space. Convection heating works by warming the air near the radiator; this warm air then rises, and cooler air is drawn into and heated by the radiator, creating a cycle of warm air circulating throughout the room. On the other hand, radiation heats objects and people directly, much like the warmth you feel from the sun, rather than heating the air around them.

Electric radiators typically use convection or radiation to heat the space. Our butterfly range specifically employs convection heating, which is the most efficient method for conservatories. Convection works by warming the air near the radiator; as this warm air rises, cooler air is drawn into and heated by the radiator, creating a continuous cycle of warm air circulating throughout the room. Convection heating is particularly effective in conservatories, where the extensive glass areas can lead to quick changes in temperature. The design of our butterfly range ensures that warm air is effectively and evenly distributed, quickly adapting to temperature fluctuations and maintaining a comfortable environment throughout your conservatory. By focusing on convection heating, the butterfly range provides a consistent, efficient warmth that is ideal for the unique conditions of your cherished space.

Control at Your Fingertips

Modern electric radiators, like our butterfly range, come with advanced thermostats and programmable controls for precise temperature management and energy efficiency. You can easily set timers or schedules, ensuring your conservatory is warm exactly when you need it and conserving energy when you don’t. This zone control allows you to heat only the conservatory rather than the entire house, which is especially useful for England’s ever-changing weather and distinct seasons. With these features, you can effortlessly adjust to a cooler summer evening or a frosty winter morning, keeping your conservatory perfectly comfortable all year round.

Installation and Compatibility

Our butterfly range of electric radiators are installed easily by a straightforward, DIY-friendly process. They are designed with a ‘plug and play’ approach, meaning you can easily set them up yourself without the need for professional installation. There’s no need for complex wiring or invasive construction; simply mount the radiator in your desired location, plug it into a standard electrical outlet, and enjoy the warmth. Additionally, these radiators do not require planning permission, making them a hassle-free addition to your conservatory. With such ease of installation, you can quickly transform the comfort of your space without any significant disruption.


While considering the initial investment in electric radiators, it’s essential to recognise the substantial long-term savings they offer. These radiators are not only about immediate comfort but also about ongoing cost efficiency. With their energy-efficient operation, they can significantly reduce your energy bills over time. Moreover, their durability means less frequent replacements and repairs, and the low maintenance ensures you won’t be continually spending on upkeep. All these factors combine to make electric conservatory radiators a wise investment, delivering value far beyond their initial cost and making them a savvy choice for the budget-conscious homeowner.


Conservatory electric radiators offer a blend of efficiency, aesthetics, and comfort, making them an ideal choice for keeping your conservatory warm. Understanding how they work helps you appreciate the warmth they bring to your space. If you’re considering an upgrade or installation, remember, a cosy conservatory is just a radiator away.