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How does the Butterfly Range work

The Butterfly Range is a MODERN STORAGE HEATER, this means that you have full controllability of your radiator 24 hours a day, but still have the perks of the storage element.

Let’s say you wanted your room to get to 20 degrees, the radiator uses electricity to get to that temperature and then stops using electricity, but the storage element (aka the soapstone) continues to emit heat for upto 40 minutes. Then, once the room goes 1 degree below the desired temperature it turns on again and continues in those clever little cycles.

This is great as you have full control of your heater but you’re not using electricity 24/7 – unlike a panel or convector heater which cost a fortune to run! We designed the Butterfly Range with energy efficiency in mind, along with simple controllability, designed and made in Britain – it is the perfect radiator for those who want an efficient heating solution that will keep them warm all year long, without the high running costs.

Why the Butterfly Range is different


What does this mean?

1. Aluminium frame with Quadvex Technology
Better and faster heat conductivity

Heats your home faster with less energy, so you can get in from a cold day and be toasty warm straight away

2. Soapstone core
Retains and emits more heat

You'll need less electricity to heat your home, meaning cheaper bills for the same levels. Our secret ingredient that once heated, retains & emits up to 40 mins of heat with no further electricity.

3. Purpose-built back plate
Prevents heat loss

No wasted electricity - all the money you spend on your bill goes directly to warming you up.

4. Serpentine Convection
Innovative dimpled design that heats cold air quickly & dispels warm air

Heats your home 59.4% more efficiently than other heaters, so you'll instantly save money when you switch over to the NEOS.

5. Slim modern design
Slimmest radiator on the market at only 6.5cm

The NEOS will fit right in anywhere in the room, without affecting the lovely aesthetic you've worked so hard to create

What’s even better, we have a Modular Design!

Our radiators are modular, this means you can refresh your radiators for a small cost - this is great for the following reasons:

1. If you damage your radiator, it is really easy to change the front, top or side panels - a brand new radiator for less!

2. If you change the aesthetic or colour of your room, you can also change the colour of your radiator too - sky blue, neon pink - any colour you want!

3. You don't have to pay for an entire unit ever again - saving you £££