9 Reasons to Choose Us

1. The core of our radiators contains a unique blend of soapstone and fire clay. When compressed with 200 tonnes of pressure it is compacted from 16cm to 2cm making it incredibly dense, non-porous and to ensure a very fast warm up time and longer heat retention. Other manufactures use a non-compressed core (2cm or 4cm) that is just clay / chamotte. This also results in some companies offering short guarantees of 10 or 15 years, unlike Northern Heating’s radiators that come with a 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee. Remember; only expect your new radiators to last as long as their guarantee. Why wouldn’t you?

2. Our radiators draw cold air in from the floor and rapidly convert it into warm air using our double / triple convection flutes. They have a sensor to measure the room temperature at the floor level (the coldest part of the room) ensuring even heat distribution and no more cold feet. Other manufactures use complicated and expensive wall mounted thermostats that turn the radiators off after only the top half the room has been heated.

3. Our radiators come a thermostat and timer with easy to understand and simple to use controls. This gives complete confidence to the user when managing their individual room temperatures.

4. Northern Heating’s radiators are genuinely ultra slim, at only 8cm deep compared to other manufactures that are 11cm deep and charge an extra for anything slimmer.

5. Most of our radiators can be installed in only 30 minutes with no fuss or disruption and because of this, in most cases, we do not charge our customers for installation or removal of their old night storage heaters. Other companies insist that they must install the radiators or don’t remove night storage heaters and charge accordingly.

6. Unlike other German storage radiators that only have single convection flutes our radiators benefit from double and triple convection flutes. This increases the warm air flow throughout the room and results in a quicker heat up time.

7. Our prices are always kept simple and fair, unlike larger companies that have greater overheads and are considerably more expensive. They start with hugely inflated prices followed by massive discounts that only confuses the customer and leads to mistrust.

8. As a family owned and managed business we genuinely care about our customers and understand their needs. We really do go the extra mile and take the time that other larger companies simply cannot and would find an inconvenience.

9. We are the only Company in the UK that combines the benefits of soapstone with Heatkeeper panels. These panels help reduce heat loss and reduce energy loss and are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

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